Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Little Bit Sinful by Robyn DeHart

Good morning everyone! I just finished A Little Bit Sinful by Robyn DeHart. This is the second book in the Forbidden Love series. I have to say that I did enjoyed the first book, A Little Bit Wicked, but I think this story was even better. Let me share why.

Back in A Little Bit Wicked, we first meet Clarissa Kincaid who happen to get herself in a bit of a pickle. She needed help to get her reputation repair. However, in A Little Bit Sinful we focus on Clarissa and her hopes to wed George Wilbanks. She has been waiting for sometime for George to pop the question, but alas the man seems reluctant. Crazy, I know.

She decides to enlist the help of a family friend, Justin Rodale. Though he was raised with his father the Duke of Chanceworth, he was never really accepted into society. You know being born on the other side of the blanket always causes problems. Yet, Justin is really concern with Clarissa's choice and really wants to help her see the error of her ways. What are you suppose to do with a stubborn young woman who wants to marry the wrong man? Looks like a lot work for Justin.

My first thought of Clarissa was "boy she's trouble." The girl is a bit impulsive and doesn't really think of the consequences until after fact. However, those are the best kind of heroines. Plus, they always need a hero even though they might not think so. Most people would think Justin as unlikely hero. Especially, when he's described as a pirate. Ooh yum; can't go wrong with a pirate looking hero. Even though he was born a bastard, he truly acted like gentleman. Especially around Clarissa, even though he was so tempted by her.

A Little Bit Sinful was a lot of fun to read. Especially, when you have an impulsive heroine with a penchant for trouble and a hero who was born on the wrong side of the blanket that is more honorable than most gentleman. If this sounds like your kind of read, you might want to checkout this story. I thought it was a sinful delight.

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