Sunday, September 30, 2012

eARC: Ours is Just a Little Sorrow by Gwen Hayes

I have to say that I'm lucky to get a chance to review this novella, Ours is Just a Little Sorrow by Gwen Hayes. Let me just state that I love it. Before I tell you why I love this novella, here's what the story is about:

First off the story is set in the way future and the earth has been basically destroyed. A certain group of people were able to find another planet and start a new life on it calling it New Geneva.

Violet Merriweather was a child when she left Earth as an orphan and deposit at Witherspoon Academy of Fine Ladies of Suitable (I know a mouthful). Finally, the day had come for her to leave and she became a governess for Colonel Malcolm Winston.

Violet arrives at the estate of Thornfield and meets all the Colonel's sons. First there is John Winston, who is extremely smart (scary smart) and is a tad bit older than her. Next is Gideon Winston, who would be consider a rake. Finally, her charge Phillip, who is a lovable child.

However, there is something weird that is going on and no one really no whats happening. For one thing women that work as maids, companions, or other professions are disappearing. Very scary times. Will Violet become a victim or will she survive? Will she find love while working for the Colonel? Hmmm, all these questions to be answer.

My thoughts: LOVED IT! For one thing its different from what I have read lately. Set in the future, yet they have a Victorian Era touch. I love how Violet is willing to change her views cause of the influences of Gideon. She likes both of the guys for different reasons. The more you read the story you find out Violet has more in common with Gideon when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Overall, I was really surprise with the ending. OH MY GOSH, I didn't expect the ending and I'm pretty good at figuring things out. Total curve ball. So, I really hope you will check out Ours is Just a Little Sorrow when it comes out in a couple days. I loved it and you might too. Plus, you have to agree with me that the cover is fantastic.

So, happy reading.

eARC provided by the Author

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