Monday, September 3, 2012

All Night with a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins

As I said yesterday, I would be starting the Lords of Vice series. So, the first book in the series is All Night with a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins.

Here's the what's it about:

The wicked and handsome Marquess of Sinclair, Alexius Lothar Braverton, aka Sin has been asked by his sister Belinda Snow, the Countess of Gredell to seduce Lady Juliana Ivers. Belinda is jealous is of Juliana and Lord Kyd's relationship and wants Juliana out of the way, so she can have a relationship with Kyd.

However, there is nothing really going on between Kyd and Juliana other than Kyd is trying to help Juliana get her music publish. Still, Belinda views her as a threat and has enlisted her scoundrel of a brother. As Sin starts to seduce Juliana, he starts to realize he likes having her around him.

Things happen and there relationship is kinda rocky. She has to turn her rotten cousin Oliver, the Marquess of Duncombe for help, but is rejected. Now it's up to her to save the family. Will Sin understand what she is doing and try to save her? Or will Sin just turn his back on Juliana and move on to his next conquest?

My thoughts:

I have read this book about three times. Can't you tell I really like this book. However, I have seen a lot of reviewers that actually didn't like this book and there were a lot of people who did like it. I honestly really like this book. I love the scoundrel Marquess and how he pursues Juliana. I can't stand his sister and she really needs to be put in her place. However, I understand how she is, because how she was raise. Anyhow, this my opinion on the book, so you can take or leave.

I hope that you are enjoying whatever your reading and I will see you tomorrow.

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