Monday, October 1, 2012

Almost a Family by Stephanie Bond

Yesterday I started Almost a Family by Stephanie Bond. I really to do like this author, so I was lucky to get a chance to read another of her work. So, here is a quick sum up of the story:

About eight years ago, Virginia Carton and Bailey Kallihan had there family torn apart by a tragedy. Their son was stole from them, which tore their family apart.

Eight years later, the news came their son was alive and living in Florida. So, fate has thrust them back together. However, both of them have change. Will there family be able to get back together and fix what they have lost? Or will they be like most families and have two separate families?

My thoughts: Oh my gosh ripped my heart out reading this story. Don't get me wrong it was amazing. I laughed and cried. I felt so bad for Bailey and Virginia, because they were thrust into this situation. They had had to cope with the lost of their child and find a way to fuse a broken family together. Definitely character building. I truly did like this book. So, I hope you might check this title out, but be prepare for gut wrenching read.

It truly made me think on, how would I handle something like that? I think I might not have been as strong as Virginia to pick up the pieces of my life. I mean it really takes a strong person to pickup the pieces after something like that. Would you be able to pickup the pieces if your child was stolen from you when they were a baby?

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