Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hidden Paradise by Janet Mullany

All right, I just finished Hidden Paradise by Janet Mullany. I was lucky to get a copy by commenting on a blog about a month ago. Actually it was kinda fun. It wasn't the usually thing: leave a comment and you will be enter into a drawing for this book. No, it was write about the objects in the picture. I have to say I thought mine was pretty creative. Anyways here is what's the book is about:

Louisa Connelly (Lou) is a grieving widow, who really can't seem to get over the lost of her husband. However, her friends Peter and Chris invite her out to England to check out their project. Basically, it's like a retreat to live like they did in the Regency Era. Sounds like fun, right.

Well, its a little more than that, it's like a naughty get away. Granted everyone is dressed in period clothing, but they are having a wild time. A great place to try to get over a dead husband. Anyways, Lou meets the oh so attractive Mac Salazar, a journalist. Lou and Mac have a grand time until Mac couldn't compete with a dead husband. Where there fling comes to a halt, and Mac does something extremely stupid. Will Lou get over her dead husband or will he be ever so present? Can Mac push his way into Lou's life?

Overall it was a good book. Not something I would normally read, but hey it was fun. I mean who wouldn't want to participate in a regency house party, I think it would be a lot of fun. However, I didn't like Lou's dead husband. He's a bastard and you don't find out until the end. He would definitely go to the top of my list of bastard characters, if I had one. Which I might make. Truly rotten fellow. I felt bad for Lou when she found out what a scum bucket he was. Granted the hero has flaws, but what guy doesn't. So, if you are looking for something naughty with a little fun, you might want to check out Hidden Paradise. So, happy reading and I will talk to you all later.

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