Sunday, September 23, 2012

eARC: Mark of the Witch by Maggie Shayne

All right, a couple of days ago I read Legacy of the Witch, which gave a very good introduction to The Portal series. So, you got most of the history in the prequel. Well, the stories continues with Mark of the Witch. Here's a sum up of the story:

Indira wakes up from a nightmare, which is a tad bit too real for her taste. Especially, when there are marking on her body from the nightmare. Not sure where to go she contacts Lady Rayne who is a Priestess local coven that she use to belong to. Never seeing anything like that before Rayne decides to help her friend out.

Father Tomas is having issues with believing he was cut out be a priest. However, his leader and mentor Father Dominick believes he is the one to carry out the mission to keep a demon from returning. Basically, sends him out to take out the witch that might help a demon to return and destroy the world.

The old good verses evil story. Who is to say that the demon is really a demon? What will happen if Indira is able to finish out her mission? Or will she be taken out before anything happens?

What I thought: Well, the story was a little slow moving. I think partly, because you have Indira doubting what she was suppose to do and not sure if she really believes in her power or that the past is connected to the future. You have Tomas who has been taught one thing and is trying to understand the whole picture. So, you have a lot of inner battles playing out. However, towards the end of the book I was holding my breath a lot of the time. I guess I was a tad bit nervous of what might happen. A nail bitting thrill. Overall, loved it once the story line started to move. Now I'm excited to see if the "demon" is really a demon or just someone trap and waiting to be freed. I can't wait. So, I hope you get a chance to check the story out and see what has me anxiously waiting for the next to come.

I will talk to you later and I hope you are all having fun this weekend. Keep on reading.

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