Saturday, September 8, 2012

Seduction of the Billionaire Playboy Actor by Marquita Valentine

Y'all in for a treat tonight. I finished another on my TBR list. Granted it's a novella and was short, but still I finished it. Anyways here is what Seduction of the Billionaire Playboy Actor is about:

Back in July I read Twice Tempted and loved it. You got a glimpse of the animosity Zoe felt towards Christian, but not really got to know what happen all those years ago in LA.

Well, you find how they came together that memorable night in LA. Let me tell you it was a hot and steamy night. That's all I can tell you, after all its not going to take you long to see what happen.

If you haven't read Twice Tempted yet, I would suggest to get this novella to see how it all began. Then get Twice Tempted and see if Zoe and Christian can work out there past.

Well, I hope that you all get a chance to checkout this novella. If not, it's your loss.

Happy Reading!

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