Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Unstoppable by Melody Grace (Review)

I guess I will start with one of my favorite lines from Unstoppable:
But the truth is, there's no ignoring our demons. We're all broken, jaded, worn out by love gone wrong. We all carry the scars of a hundred battles, the mistakes we've made, the regrets we live with, every day. They're part of our stories, the things that make us who we are. 
Those few lines there are pretty much the premise of Unstoppable. No matter what the demons in our lives are what shape us today. It's true that in the story Ryland James Ray and Tegan Callahan are dealing with there own demons. At the same time they are unsure on how to move forward from them.

Now Tegan's are more emotional demons. A lot has to deal with a toxic past relationship. She blames herself for the outcome of the what happen to Connor. So, she's carrying around this burden throughout Unstoppable, and she doesn't know how to move on. During the story, you wonder if she wants to move past. When Tegan meets Ryland she's confuse, and doesn't know how to process the situation. So, she tries to put up barriers.

When Ryland meets up with Tegan again, he believes his past is in the past. During the story, his past keeps popping up here and there, not completely gone. I would have thought that it would have popped a little sooner than it did, which could have caused a little more drama. However, it didn't and by the end it all pans out.

Both are emotional wrecks, but they somehow manage to help one another out. I liked that Ryland was able to help Tegan when she needed the most help in her life. That's when she realized that her life wasn't over, and that she could start again. She was able to return the favor to Ryland in the end.

Overall, Unstoppable was an all right read. I did like the fact that they helped one another. I felt the ending a bit rushed, and could have gone into a little more detail. Anyway I liked Ryland's line:
"Just because I've never been in love, it doesn't mean my heart was never broken. It doesn't take a lover to hut you like that. Sometimes, it's worse when it's not."
Love can sour no matter the source, but it's how you can overcome situation. That's what Unstoppable is about. How on earth are these two people going to overcome the past and move forward possibly with one another.

Copy provided by Mark My Words

3 1/2 Stars

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