Monday, September 8, 2014

Single Man Meets Single Mom by Jules Bennett (Review)

All right, I finished Jules Bennett latest release Single Man Meets Single Mom. I think is my absolute favorite out of all the Jules Bennett books I have read. So, let me tell you why this book is fantastic:

You gotta love a man who knows what he wants, and Ian Schaffer is that guy. So, he has no problem pursuing Cassie Barrington after just meeting her. Plus there's that instant attraction. For example:
"You're attracted to me."She couldn't deny the statement."That doesn't mean I should act on it. I don't just go around kissing strangers." "After you learned my name this morning, I was no longer a stranger."
You have to give the man credit for being bold to. All goes well, until Ian finds out Cassie has a kid. Poor Cassie. Fortunately, the man comes find out who the real Cassie Barrington.

Honestly, I loved this story, because you have that instant chemistry. Cassie is trying to be sensible, while Ian pursues her. Then she ends up getting heartbroken cause he rejects her, and she's thinking it's cause she has a kid. Of course, there is more to the situation. Anyway, once they get over the hurdle the story runs pretty smoothly. Yes, it's kind of predictable that there is going to be some interference on their happy relationship. I was waiting for the shoe to drop.

The man reason I loved this story, you see this playboy willing to change his life for this girl and her child. By the end of the story, Ian had me in a puddle of goo cause he was just so amazing. Yes, he knows how to say the right things, but he was willing to man up. Anyway, you know it's a great book when it makes you cry and you still love it.

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5 Stars

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