Saturday, September 20, 2014

Facing the Music by Andrea Laurence (Review)

Welcome to Rosewood, Alabama. Andrea Laurence has started a new series that features a small-town name Rosewood. Where you will find that southern small-town charm, but if you cross them you best be leaving. Anyway, let's talk about Facing the Music.

When I started reading Facing the Music it reminded me of Taylor Swift love life mixed with Sweet Home Alabama feel. Cause we all know that Taylor Swift tends to write songs about her exes. If you didn't know that, there you go. I mention the Sweet Home Alabama cause if you remember that movie Melanie had go back home to deal with some issues. There is more to the story than that way simplified version.

Basically, Ivy Hudson needs to return home cause of some issues and rebuild her image after her latest breakup. The opportunity arises when Blake's grandmother (Adelia Chamberlain) asks Ivy to come back to the hometown and help with fundraiser efforts. Now this scheming grandmother may have a sweet facade, but don't that fool ya. Trust me she's like the grand matriarch of the town and she will meddle in your life, if she needs to. Adelia was trouble with Blake and Ivy's breakup and figure this would be an opportunity to reunite them.

Ivy hurt by Blake's action while in college decided to that inspiration and make a song which humiliated him. Now they have to work together for the good of the town, at the same time move past all the hurt and anger of the past. In essence face the music. Haha. However, they have Adelia trying to thrust them together again, and Lydia trying to keep them apart.

Yes, Facing the Music is a cute story about reunited lovers that have work on overcoming past issues. While in the story Blake is trying to prove to Ivy that he's not the same guy he was when they first broke up. However, Ivy has to deal with her insecurities and believe Blake has change. Yet, you have Lydia wanting exploit Ivy's weakness at every moment. Overall, a pretty good start for a new series that is a light fun read with bits of humor. So, if are looking for a small-town read that has a reunited lovers story, you might give Facing the Music a try.

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4 Stars

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