Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Confession by Marquita Valentine (Review)

We have arrived to the conclusion of the The Request Trilogy. All is revealed in The Confession.

Now when we last left off, Roman was practically dead. Of course, we were left hanging. How could Marquita do that to use. Fortunately, at the beginning of The Confession we find out Roman is not dead. However, he has a mess to clean up and save the woman he loves.

The Confession is the perfect title for this book cause everybody is confessing. Seriously, there are some secrets that would blow your mind, and how intertwine Roman family is. Not only that there is a lot of action. I thought once he gets the girl, everything was going to wrap up nicely. NOPE. There were so many twist that didn't see coming, and I tried to guess. By the way was a bad idea. Cause I was starting love a character and I was worry that he was going to be a bad guy. I seriously would have been heart broken if he was. Anyway, a dramatic conclusion for The Confession.

Honestly, I think its best to read three parts all at once. I did enjoy the series, but I think I would have liked it more had I got a chance to read it all at once. So, if you haven't read the beginning get it and don't stop till you get to the conclusion. Overall, I thought The Confession was pretty awesome. Oh my gosh, if you read the Holland Springs books you would think Vladimir was a bastard in those books, but I think he has out bastard himself in the The Request Trilogy. Anyway, I'm just glad Everly and Roman has a happy ending, because man they deserve it.

Here's the bottom-line: Action pack read that has you guessing till the end. I'm pretty impress that Marquita was able to pull it off, because this is different from her previous works.

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4 1/2 Stars

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