Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Delay of Game by Catherine Gayle

I got a chance to read Delay of Game by Catherine Gayle. This is the fourth book in Portland Storm books. I have to say that have enjoyed this series so far. Throughout the series you find some awesome guys and interesting girls. With that said, let's dive into my thoughts.

All right, Sara Thomas is the daughter of the Storm's coach Scott Thomas. So, Sara has vow never to get involved with a hockey player, because her father's the coach. However, it's more than that. Oh it stems from her abandonment issues from her mother. With that said, Sara tends to push everyone away before they can leave her. Throughout the story, she kind of comes off as a bitch. Seriously, you wonder why Cam puts up with her, but he gets her which scares her to death. It doesn't help that she's knocked up. Those hormones wreak havoc on anyone, so I will give her a little leeway.

Now Cam Johnson (Jonny) is a dream. I fell in love when he utter these words to Sara:
"For me, it's all or nothing. I can't half-ass this. If we do this, I will pursue you like no man has ever pursued you before. And even after I've caught you, I plan to continue pursuing you like my life depends on it. If you're not prepared for that, if you're not ready to be treated as something special and treasured and precious, then I need you to roll over, go back to sleep, and pretend none of this ever happened." 
Talk about turning to goo. I love that he wasn't going to let Sara boss him around. However, this kind of got him into trouble a few times with Sara. Yet, he was there when she needed someone there. Basically, he was a rock throughout the story.

Both Cam and Sara dealt with abandonment issues, but they handled it different. Cam tried to man up and be someone his father wasn't. Sara pushed people away, so she couldn't get hurt.
I'd always coped by trying to be the man he hadn't been for my sisters. Sara had coped by doing everything she could to not be like her mother in anyway. Different methods. Different results. Same fears. 
I have to say that I like Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm books cause you have some awesome guys and Cam is one of them. Seriously, a great guy that looks out for everyone, even when you you try to push him away. Sara, she's a bit hormonal and mean. However, it's a defense mechanism, and once I realize that it was a little bit easier to like her. Not a lot, but enough. Overall, Delay of Game is a pretty good book, because Cam makes you believe in good guys. So, if you are looking for a hockey romance with a decent guy you might give Delay of Game a try.

Copy provided by author (also purchase my own copy).

4 1/2 Stars

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