Thursday, September 4, 2014

Under His Protection by Katie Reus (Review)

So, I manage to finish Under His Protection by Katie Reus today and I have to say that I liked the latest installment of the Red Stone Security books. All right, if you remember Ivan Mitchell Sinful Seduction, you would remember he started working security for  Mina Hollingsworth then joined Red Stone by the end of the book. Now we have Ivan's story.

Basically, Ivan meets Julieta Mederos when he accompanies Mina to Julieta's lingerie shop, and he develops a crush on Julieta. Now Julieta believes he can't stand her cause the way he looks at her. Ivan has an intense look about him. Anyway, he comes to her aid when she started getting some twisted messages from a stalker and they tried to figure out who the guy is.

I do like Katie's Red Stone  Security books, because the guy she throws at you first is never the real villain. However, she has the ability to make you question this could be the villain. True to form she does this, but this time I went in no this can't be the guy. However, when you have a stalker villain they tend to be creepy no matter what. Ivan and Julieta's relationship is pretty intense. You have them both wanting each other, but Julieta is thinking Ivan just wants a fling. Normally that would be true, but he sees something different in Julieta. Yes, you have a little hot and steamy with some creepy dude lurking around. Overall, pretty good and I'm curious who's going to be next.

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4 Stars 

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