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Interview with Alex Everett, Duke of Kelfield from the A Scandalous Pursuit

I would like you all to welcome the Wicked Duke of Kelfield, Alexander Everett, to What I’m Reading. I would like you all to know that he has been my longest running book boyfriend ever. It’s going to take someone special to remove him or give him a run for his money.

ALEX – I am flattered, Melody. But don’t tell Olivia unless you want to make her jealous.

No problem.

Welcome, um, I don’t know how to address you? I know the proper way to address you, but it just doesn’t seem right.

ALEX – You usually refer to me as Alex, don’t you?

You are right, when I do talk to Ava I refer to you as Alex. So Alex it is.

Originally, I was going to ask you to define something highly inappropriate, but I was looking for some fun words. However, it started to become tedious, so I changed my mind. I figured we would have a nice little chat.

ALEX -  Little chats are always nice.

Since not everyone knows you, would you be willing to share a little about yourself?

ALEX – I’m a little surprised that not everyone knows me. I do have quite the reputation…Or at least I did until I got married. Ava Stone even wrote a book about me, which I really think she should have asked my permission before doing so, but it’s too late now. A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT details the…ahem…pursuit of my now wife.

Alex, not everyone has read the Scandalous Series, but I’m always telling everyone how much I love that series. Whenever, they ask who is my favorite book boyfriend is, you are always the one I mention.

ALEX – You are too kind. But again, you probably won’t want to mention that to my duchess.

What was your favorite pastime when you were younger?

ALEX – How much younger? As a child I was an avid reader. As a young man I…Well, I’ve indulged in many pursuits. Though if I go into those details, I’ll probably land myself in quite a bit of trouble with the Duchess of Kelfield when I get home.

I know that your childhood wasn't the best, but do you have a favorite memory?

ALEX – I met three of my dearest friends at Harrow. Though we’re all the same age, I’d been at school longer than the rest of them since my father shipped me off earlier than their fathers did. After meeting Simon Greywood, he took me home over one holiday break and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The Greywoods aren’t the perfect family, but they seemed so to me at the time. They were certainly more perfect than my family was, and being accepted by them as though I was part of their family is one of my most treasure memories.

What was your first reaction and feelings when you found Olivia in your room?

ALEX – (clears his throat and pulls at his cravat, looking at once uncomfortable) My first reaction isn’t one I think would be appropriate to discuss publicly. But my feelings? Surprised, excited, and alive. I always felt alive near Olivia, which is why it was so difficult trying to keep my distance from her, up until that fateful day.

I guess, the best way to know your thoughts would be to read A Scandalous Pursuit (winks)

How is your relationship with your mother now days?

ALEX – Mother and I get along rather well. There are more sheep dogs around Everett Place than I’d prefer, but the things make her happy. And she is a doting grandmother. Poppy and Brock adore her and she adores them. That is all that matters these days.

So, are there any more plans to make anymore little Everetts?

ALEX – Yes! Olivia and I would be quite happy to fill the nursery at Everett Place again. And perhaps a few more times after that.

Have you been in any scrapes lately?

ALEX – Me? I am on the straight and narrow these days, Melody. The only thing that gets me into trouble anymore is my continued friendship with the Marquess of Haversham. (shrugs) But he is an old friend and I do enjoy his company.

What word would you use to describe Ava and why?

ALEX – Slow! Honestly, how long does it take the woman to write a book?! My dear friend Haversham has been waiting for his story for quite a while. Someone get Ava some coffee and nag her until she does right by the poor man. I know he’s a scoundrel, but she’s just torturing him.

Well, Alex, I love Marc almost as much as you, but I’m okay with Ava taking her time on his story. I’m sure Ava has filled you in on my feelings about the whole matter.  Of course, I would love to see Marc happy with someone special.

ALEX – Ava hasn’t mentioned a thing. She never tells any of us what she has planned for any one else, which isn’t terribly sporting of her. But as far as Marc goes, I do hope she has someone with fortitude planned for Marc as it will take someone special to handle him.

If you could change one thing in your story what would it be?

ALEX – I wish I hadn’t been talked into attending MacBeth. I am still dealing with the repercussions of that night.

Alex, you are lucky I’m not touching that subject. I almost did. I personally would love see that particular someone with someone special. Maybe Ava can create story for that person.

ALEX – If you’re referring to Ms. Kane, she is quite happy even if the fellow isn’t one I would have ever chosen for her. But to each his own, I suppose. There are many who wouldn’t have picked me for Olivia, after all.

(mumbles) Yeah, like Caroline Staveley (and smiles)

Who would be your favorite person other than Olivia, Poppy, and your son?

ALEX – It would be impossible to pick only one person. Commander Simon Greywood; David Benton, Viscount Staveley; James MacFadyn, Earl Carteret; and Marcus Gray, the Marquess of Haversham, are four of the dearest friends one could ever have. Each one of those men were there for me at different times in my life when I needed them most.

Okay I got to know, when you hear the cockblock, what comes to mind? The other word would be manroot?

ALEX – Now you get to the inappropriate words, hmm? Cockblock? Well, that just sounds painful. I’m not sure what it is. Certainly nothing I’ve ever heard of in the 1800s, and I am hoping to never hear it again, honestly. Just saying the word makes me wince. 

As for manroot….To the best of my understanding, that is a plant with very large roots. But I get the feeling you are suggesting it means something more phallic in nature, and if that is the case…Well, then that word seems much too tame to me.

I guess cockblock could be painful if you have a case of blue balls. It’s basically when someone or something interferes or gets in the way when a man is getting acquainted with, conversing with, or hooking up with a member of the opposite sex

And manroot is another word for penis. You could thank Olivia Kelly for that one. You did a lot better than Luke Duke of Foxhaven from Samantha Grace’s books.

ALEX – Ah! Then I suppose Foxhaven and I should have a little chat.

Thank you for taking the time and visiting my place. I was wondering if you would like to leave any parting words before you leave today.

ALEX – It is always a pleasure talking with you, Melody. I am headed to London for the Season of 1816, hoping Olivia will fare better than she has in the past. And I suspect Caroline Staveley has matchmaking up her pretty sleeves this season. I’ve heard whispers about Lady Felicity Pierce and Lord Carraway quite recently in my parlor and I’m rather curious to see how Caroline plans to pull that off.

Thank you, again, for having me here today.

All right, you can find Alex somewhere in Ava books. He seems to be in all of them. Now Ava has a new book out A Scandalous Deception 


Everyone knows Lady Felicity Pierce has been widowed the last three years, except she hasn't been. Lissy escaped the clutches of her dangerous husband but lost any chance for a happy-ever-after in the process. No one can ever know the secret she keeps hidden, the secret she wishes she could forget. Her harrowing escape would be for naught should anyone ever learn the truth. If only her husband had been the man she thought he was. If only he'd been more like Fin... 

Phineas Granard, Viscount Carraway, might still be nursing a broken heart, but he has responsibilities that require his attention. Responsibilities to England and to his late-finace's family which never seem to end. But looking after Lissy is an exercise in futility. She's flightily. She's impetuous. She can drive the sanest man mad. And she's keeping something from him. If only she trusted him enough to love her, to keep her safe, to share the secret that haunts her.

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