Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reluctantly Royal by Nichole Chase (Review)

Okay, I finished Reluctantly Royal by Nichole Chase. Now this is third and final installment in the Suddenly Royal books. We all know that I have this habit of jumping into a series in middle or at the end. So, why would this be any different.

Anyway, Maxwell Jameson Trevor (Max), Prince of Lilaria, who isn't a big fan of being in the limelight, and being a prince doesn't help his cause. Naturally, he tends to shun away from royal duties. However, he is the bearer of bad news to Lady Meredith Thysmer. Now Meredith is in London when she hears the bad news about her grandfather and is called back to Lilaria. Now she's thrown into a pretty bad situation, which happens to be the death of her grandfather, dealing with her drunkard of a father, and keeping her son safe. Yeah, that's a lot on her plate.

All right, Reluctantly Royal has a melancholy tone, but it kind of has to. I mean you can't really have an upbeat happy tone while dealing with a funeral. Throughout the story you see Meredith trying to do everything on her own, but she has a hard time. She also has a hard time accepting help from others. Fortunately, Max is pretty stubborn and won't backdown. I like that he actually stood up to Meredith's father when she needed a hero most.

Overall, I liked Reluctantly Royal. I thought it was pretty good story. I do have one issue with the story, and it wasn't a huge issue. However, it was the changing of POV. I have no problem with that. Actually, I enjoy when it changes from male to female, but I would like to know when it changes. Granted by the fourth chapter I figured out that it went back and forth, but it would have been helpful if it would name person talking was at the beginning of the chapter. If the author didn't want to do that, change the font between the two characters, and I would have been all right with that. Other than that I liked how Max was Meredith rock. I liked how he stepped up even though he's not a fan of being in front of the limelight. When push come to shove he step to take his royal duties. Now I just need to go back and read the previous books. I'm just glad I was able to follow the story. No matter what funerals are the pits and things are bound to get ugly.

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3 1/2 Stars

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