Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jackson Hole Valentine by Cindy Kirk

I love when I move along in my reading list makes me feel so accomplish. Ok, last night I finished Jackson Hole Valentine by Cindy Kirk. Honestly, I wanted to get this read before Valentines, but as you can see it didn't happen. Oh well, still in the month of February, right?

Jackson Hole Valentine falls under the Special Edition books of Harlequin and you're probably wondering what does that mean? I'll tell you. It means there is a child involve. So, if you don't like kids in your romance novels you might want to steer clear of the Special Edition. However, if you don't mind them, check them out. With that said let me share the book and my thoughts.

First things first, you need to know the characters:

Margaret Fisher (Meg): Best friend to the decease and ends up with shared custody of Charlie
Charlie: the son of the decease
Cole Lassiter: Friend to the decease, also sharing custody of Charlie

So, this happy family is thrown together. Ok, not so happy. Both parties are have held on to a grudge that happen in high school. You know broken hearts and teenage love is volatile at that age. Well, Cole broke up with Meg without a reason. Actually, he thought he had a reason. Cole did the typical guy thing and just stop calling, which just broke her heart. Now they have to work together to raise Charlie, but is trying to figure away to get sole custody of Charlie.

At first I didn't like Cole. I really thought he was a jerk, especially when he toss in front of Meg's face that he would do anything to get sole custody of Charlie. There were times I wanted to punch the guy in the face. Ya, that's bad. Half way through the story, Cole started win me over once he started to learn to trust again. I actually liked Meg character. I thought she was sweet and carrying. She really put Charlie first. I think being an orphan really helped her related to Charlie situation.

Overall, I liked the book. I do like how they were able to make the family work. So, if you are looking for something to read, you might want to checkout Jackson Hole Valentine by Cindy Kirk.


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  1. Moving along a reading list is a very good reason to feel accomplished, in my opinion :). How many out of your month's reading list have you finished now?

    1. I have 2 left on the official list. I do need to review a few other books that kind of popped up. Other than that, I have pretty much accomplished my task. I'm so excited about that. :D

    2. Awesome. I'm not surprised to hear a few more "popped up" ;).

    3. I know. I just keep the list somewhat short for that very reason. :D