Wednesday, February 13, 2013

eARC: Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt

Yesterday I finished Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt. I must say that I loved it more than Thief of Shadows and I loved that book.  Seriously, the story between Godric St. John and Lady Margaret Reading was amazing.

When we last saw Lady Margaret Reading (Megs) she had just found out her lover, Roger Fraser-Burnsby had just died. Oh there is more to the story of course, she need to find a husband quick, because of certain circumstances (if you haven't read Thief of Shadows well here is a spoiler she was increasing). Anyways, her brother was able to blackmail Godric St. John into marrying his sister.

Fastfoward two years: Megs has decided she needed something from her husband and the only way to get it is to consummate the marriage. That's not all. Oh she has decided to take down the Ghost of St. Giles and revenge her dead lovers murderer. However, there is one problem and boy it's a big one. Her husband happens to be the Ghost of St. Giles. Seriously, this can't bode well.

Lord of Darkness captivated from the first page to the last. I love how Megs had decided to start living again after the death of Roger, but still held back on living. She was so consummated on trying to capture Roger's murderer that she couldn't see what was in front of her. Then you have Godric, by the way I loved. Oh my gosh, he had his life turned upside down when Megs decides to come into his life. Yet he took it all in stride.

At times I truly felt bad for Godric who had to compete with a ghost from the past. Yet at the same time he was able to move past his grief of his first wife death and he learned to start to live again. I loved how these two characters both had carried there grief with them and weren't able to get past until started to learn to trust one another.

Overall, I loved it. Loved the story line of two wounded people trying to come to terms that love can happen again. No matter what there is always hope the heart will heal over time. So, I hope you get chance to read Lord of Darkness when it becomes available in a couple of weeks.

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