Thursday, February 28, 2013

eARC: If You Give a Rake a Ruby by Shana Galen

We continue the saga of the Jewels of the Ton trilogy with If You Give a Rake a Ruby. In the last book When you Give a Duke a Diamond we were left wondering who is Lucifer and why he was after some particular diamonds. Well, the plot thickens as we learn more about these particular diamonds. Let me say they are not just ordinary diamonds, but Diamonds in the Rough.

Warrick Fitzhugh just happens to be one of the Diamonds in the Rough (a spy, technically a retire spy) and needs the help of Marchioness of Mystery, Fallon. She just happens to be the key to help him find out why Lucifer wants to whack-off all the Diamonds in the Rough.

Fallon is definitely the Marchioness of Mystery, since no one really knows where she comes from. Everyone in the ton believes she could the daughter of some great, but the simple truth is a daughter of a pickpocket and a whore. Yet Warrick found out her background and is using it to get what he needs. You could say he's blackmailing her, but that's a terrible word. Plus, she is key to find her father Joseph Bayley, who she believes is dead. Dun, dun, dun. Yep, the plot has definitely thicken in this story.

All right, I must say compare to the last story this has become a little more darker and sinister. However, still just as good. With so many twist and turns it adds the mystery whats going to happen in the next book and are we going to find out who is behind the sinister plot to kill off the Diamonds in the Rough?

I love Fallon, because she's not the typical tall willowy young woman, but petite (ok she's short, nothing wrong with that). Even though she's a courtesan, she still has insecurities. Especially, when she comes in contact with Warrick. When she's around him, Fallon starts to believe she could have a family with him. However, she has to keep telling herself it's not possible.  

Warrick is an awesome hero. He's describe as not being beautiful in a conventional way, but there is something about him that makes him unique. I love that he has scars and not the ones you can see (even though he does have those too), but emotional scars. Somehow he is able to cope with them better when Fallon is around.

Those two make a fantastic duo and I just love the story. I love how Ms. Galen has made the story even more intriguing and makes you want to know the mystery behind the sinister plot. Seriously, I can't wait to see who the evil villain is and how the Countess of Charm is to help in the next story. So, I hope you get a chance to read this story and wait with me to find out the conclusion to Jewels of the Ton trilogy. You know I'll be anxiously waiting for it. Till next time.

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