Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Weddings and a Murder

When I read on Twitter that Tessa Dare, Leigh LaValle, Courtney Milan, and Carey Baldwin were writing an anthology to raise money for the Avon Walk, I was excited. If you don't know the Avon Walk fundraises for breast cancer research. They actually plan to participate at the one in Santa Barbara, CA, which is near my hometown and I think that is so awesome. So, I hope that they do well with there fundraising efforts.

With that said I should tell you what I thought about the book. I loved it. I loved the stories and how they all focus on second chances and a new release on life. You start off with Tessa Dare, The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright, which is a fun story with the old saying that appearances are not always what they seem to be. Next you read Leigh LaValle, The Misbehaving Marquess, which is really about second chances and new beginnings. Afterwards you have Courtney Milan, The Lady Always Wins, which is all about seeing the big picture. And you have Carey Baldwin, Solomon's Wisdom, let me just say I didn't know what to expect and was shocked.

I hope that you all get a chance to get this ebook, because it is going towards a good cause. All the profits will be going to the research and treatment for breast cancer.

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