Friday, May 25, 2012

A Scandalous Past by Ava Stone

We are drawing to the conclusion of the Scandalous series. It's always sad to see an end of a series. However, I'm always hopeful that this is not the end. After all, there are a couple of characters from the series I would love see marry and have there own happily ever after. However, this is not the place to mention which ones need there need there own stories. Today we are focusing on A Scandalous Past. You remember how I said that the first and second book go well together. The same can be said with the third and fourth book.

In this book we find Miss Cordelia Avery wanting to escape her mothers house and for good reason. She figures that if she marries a guy like the Duke of Kelfield everything will be all right. She believes she found it in Kelfied's best friend the Marquees of Haversham, Marcus Grey (another scoundrel I love). Marcus is just looking for a certain kind of action and he figures he's found it with Cordie. Then we have the honorable Brendan Reese, Earl of Clayworth (a.k.a Lord Adonis among the ton, which he hates that name). Brendan is looking for these secret letters his mother wrote years ago and he figures that the Avery's have it due to the fact there family crest has a lion in it. In a way, he starts courting Cordie and realize he can't live without her. Cordie is torn between here the feelings in heart and freedom the freedom she wants.

However, if you really think about it, following your heart will usually lead you to the freedom you are searching for. Key word usually. What you will find here: A mad dash to Gretna Green (those are always fun), blackmail, and missing secret letters.

After reading this book for a third time, I think this book is number two in favorite in the series. To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with Marcus Gray. He is just... well, words just can't describe him. However, the fight over Cordie's affections between him and Brendan make it worthwhile adventure. I do hope you have enjoy my little reviews on my favorite series and I really do hope you guys go and pick it up.

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