Friday, May 18, 2012

A Scandalous Secret by Ava Stone

I'm so glad that Ava wrote this story, heres why: In the third book you see that Astwick acquires a wife somewhere along the line between the second and the third book. BeforeI read the third, I always thought Astwick needed a wife, because he was such a great guy. Then come to find out he has a wife. Hold up, where did she come from? That always puzzled me.

Heres the sum up of the novella: We have Lady Hannah Campbell coming back to England after being on the continent for 12 years and bringing back two sons. Chester Peyton, the Marquess of Astwick needs a wife after he made the bargain with the dragon (his mother) last year. However, Hannah's brother James MacFadyn, the Earl of Carteret has this animosity towards Astwick, which is explain in this story. A love so pure that was destroyed by a hateful dead brother.

Can there love be rekindle? Well obviously it can, if you read my opening. However, the story bridges the others together. Plus, its a quick read and won't take you very long to read. I hope you are enjoying this series and if not. Why not?

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