Monday, May 7, 2012

The Betting Season Anthology

I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to read The Betting Season. This book has been in my kindle waiting for me to read it. However, I kept putting it off. I know, it's a shame. Especially, when I really love the authors that went in it together. The four authors that were part of this anthology are Ava Stone, Catherine Gayle, Jane Charles, and Jerrica Knight-Catania. I have read books from each of these authors and love their writing.

Now about the book: What would the season be like without the famous betting book at Whites? I bet pretty dull, so we have four stories writing by four authors. In this collaboration we have four friends Lady Philippa Casemore, Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe, Lady Moria Kirtwood, and Miss Patience Findley who are making there coming out together. Somehow each of them ended up in the infamous betting book at Whites. How are they ever going to make a decent match with that much notoriety?

The first story is by Ava Stone called, "By Any Other Name." We have Lady Philippa  Casemore (also called Pippa) who is trying to avoid the devilish handsome Earl Of St. Austell, Jason York. However, she can't remember what he looks like. Which could be a problem within itself. Jason uses his lesser title to get close to Pippa, which it makes oh so much fun.

The second story is by Catherine Gayle called, "Flight of Fancy." Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe (also called Georgie) who has her heart set on adventure. However, her brother's friend Cedric Loring, the Earl of Montague had been asked to keep an eye on the family has a hard time keeping track of Georgie. Especially, when his stodginess is trying keep her out of the clutches of Lord Haworth.

The third story is by Jane Charles called, "Landing a Laird." Lady Moira Kirtwood would anything to get away from her mother. I don't blame her on that count. She is willing to marry a Scottish Laird and live in Scotland to get away from her mother. Gideon Baxter, Viscount Ainsley is out looking for a bride, but no one is to know this (shush). Gideon gets to know Moira and comes to really like her, but can't understand why she would want to live in Scotland. With all the stuff that happens to Moira, I would probably would have ran away and head to the continent or the Americas. Scotland would not be far enough away with a mother like hers.

The final story is by Jerrica Knight-Catania called "The Marriage Trap." Miss Patience Findley is trying to get past her father's scandalous actions and was fearful that she wouldn't land a husband. So, she enlist her cousin to make a scandalous bet in the book. Rowan Findley decides his friend Tristan Wafford, Baron Swaffham would work. The bet is made and Tristan on prowl to win his bet. Funny how rakes find out they actually have a heart after all.

All the stories were fun and entertaining. We have a reference from a previous anthology the Regency Summons Collection (by the way is worth the read, but it takes place during Christmas so you might want to wait till then or do a Christmas in July theme).  This is worth the read. So, go check it out.


  1. We're glad you enjoyed them, Melody. And there will be more to come...

  2. Yes! Thanks for the review, Melody! So glad you enjoyed the read :)

  3. We had so much fun working on this project together! We decided to do another one. That book should come out in the fall. ;)

  4. Thanks for the review, Melody. So glad you enjoyed the stories.