Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Scandalous Pursuit by Ava Stone

If anyone who knows me would know that the third book in the Scandalous Series is my all time favorite book. Come on my favorite scoundrel is in this book. I'm so excited to be writing my review about A Scandalous Pursuit.

Well, it all starts out at a house party at Prestwick Chase and if you remember it's mention in A Scandalous Charade. The house party is not going so well, and the young ones are bored. A lot can happen when the young are bored, most of the time it's not good. Which it is are good fortune that trouble is a brewing. Alexander Everett, the wicked Duke of Kelfield hears something that leads him to his wardrobe. Of course the wicked Duke would be naked when he opens the wardrobe and out comes a wide-eye innocent  Miss Olivia Danbury. What a fun way to start a book? Alex has decided to make it his goal to capture Olivia's heart before the rumors of her ruination hit the fan. Too bad things never go according to plan. Now they need to marry in haste to save Olivia reputation. Is that really enough, who knows? With a marriage of convince, will it work and will the wicked Duke and his wife find love in the process? Who is to say?

However, what you will find in the book is a hurried marriage to a very wicked Duke, which makes it oh so fun. Olivia's ex-betroth coming home from France, yes that can make things a little complicated. You have to love finding a duel in the book. I'm afraid if I say anymore I might tell you the whole book, because I love this book. As I said at the beginning this is MY FAVORITE book in the series. So, I hope you are getting a chance to read this series and will continue on.

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