Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

Sorry to belabor the point of my move, but I do have a lot of boxes that are just not going to unpack themselves. So, I decided to read a novella. I really like reading novellas, because there quick. Yesterday I started reading The Governess Affair. Oh my goodness I loved it.

We start off with the Duke of Clermont complaining to Hugo Marshall who he has wager to get him out of his pickles. Let me just say the Duke is such a bastard, I would like to take him down a peg. However, the story's really not about him, but a former-governess that won't leave him alone. He sends out Hugo to take care of the problem. Miss Serena Barton will not be ignore (I think of Fatal Attraction with a line like that). She wants to compensated for the injustice that was cause to her. Hugo and Serena draw the battle lines and go head to head. Hugo starts to develop a conscience while getting to know her. Somehow, Hugo priorities change over the course of the story.

So, we have a quick overview of the story. Why I loved it? I found the story to put things into perspective on things that happen too offend during that time and how quickly they were hushed up. I love how strong Serena was and how she was able to overcome her obstacles. I mean if I was her in her shoes I would have curl up into a ball and wish to die. I don't think I would have had the strength to overcome what happen to her. In essence a fantastic quick read. So, check out The Governess Affair, if you are in need of a quick read.

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