Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scandalous by Karen Robards

Ok, I have been kinda behind in my reading of late. I have too many books to read. However, that is not your problem is it, but mine. In the mean while I have been listen to some books on my phone while I walk. To be honest I probably wouldn't have picked some of them to read if I had my way, but they make for a good listen. My latest listen has been Karen Robards Scandalous.

Let me start that I probably wouldn't have picked this one and download to my kindle. However, listening to it, what the heck. Basically you have Lady Gabriella Banning finding out that her brother the Earl of Wickham is dead. No one but her servant and herself know that he is dead. So, she decides to take matters in her own hand and take her sisters and herself to London for a season.  In London the plan was to pretend her brother was still alive until her sister Claire could get married off. Once they arrived in London, they find Marcus alive or so they think he is. Well, all her plans come crashing down when she has to trust a scoundrel who is not her brother.

It is completely scandalous to have feelings to have romantic feelings for a man pretending to be your brother. Pretty much wrong on so many levels, but what can you do about it? Let say things get pretty heated over the course of the Season.

Would I have read it? I don't know. The first couple of chapters were a little rough to get through, but it did pick up. I might have put the book aside and start another one while I tried to get motivated to finish the book (I have been known to do that. In fact I have I do have a couple of them on my kindle awaiting me to finish them). Once it did picked up it was pretty good. Well, its up to you if you want to read or listen to it, the choice is up to you.

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