Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Scandalous Charade by Ava Stone

Here is my excuse for this week on why it has taken me so long to finish a book. Well, this week I have been sucked into the Game of Thrones. I started watching season 1 sometime last week and I made it my goal to get all caught up before the next new episode. In doing so I have slack off in my reading (as I hang my head down in shame).  Now I am all caught up my watching, I can get back to business to review books I read.

The previous blog talks about A Scandalous Wife, and now we are moving on to book 2 A Scandalous Charade. I would call this a sister book to the first book, because they share some of the same timeline. However, they do splinter off nicely and you do have two separate stories from each other. By the way was done very nicely, I did not feel like I was reading the first book.

In this book, we focus more on the relationship of Juliet St. Claire and Lucas Beckford. Juliet is described as the "Ice Princess" to all that know her and an heiress. Luke is a scoundrel of the first order. Luke's buddy Hayward enlists his help to melt the "Ice Princess" so he can marry her and get her money. Luke gets to know her and decides that he wants Juliet for himself. Not to marry of course, what scoundrel does that, right? They strike up a bargain, so they can pretend to court each other. However, it goes horribly wrong. She had the audacity to fall in love with him. After making a biggest mistake of her life she does what most do in her circumstances, flee to the country. That's when her life gets turn upside down and needs to flee for her life.

What you will find in this book: compromising situations, attempted murder (who doesn't like that), death, a bastard of an uncle, and of course a scoundrel.

As I said before I love this series. And if you followed my advice about the first book you need to get the second one to see if everything works out with Juliet and Luke.

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