Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Perks of Being a Beauty by Manda Collins

Last night, I finished The Perks of Being a Beauty by Manda Collins. If you had read any of the Ugly Duckling books you would remember Amelia Snowe and how dreadfully awful she had been. Funny how life can knock ya down when you least expect it to happen.

Seriously, Amelia was horrible person when she was on top of the world. Once she was knocked down from her pedestal, she  realized she needed to change her behavior. Especially since she was hired to be a companion. You can't be rude and be in the services, not good for business.

Well, employers decided to throw a house party. What better way to increase the odds of the daughter of finding a match. Anyways, someone from Amelia's past happens to get invited to the house party at the last minute, Lord Quentin Fortescue. All she wants to do, is keep to herself and not get in trouble. Good luck with that one.

All right, I have come to the conclusion that I really like when a former horrible person becomes the heroine or hero, because they usually fall from grace. Which makes an excellent story on how they will redeem themselves in the end of their story. Amelia is no exception, with her fall from grace she quickly learns that she needs to change her ways otherwise she won't survive. Plus, I love how the hero or heroine is a bit leery on the change of the person. Quentin is a bit cautious when it comes to Amelia. Not only that, there is always a reason for the person being horrible and you don't learn about it until after the fact. Of course everything makes sense on why they were the way they were.

Overall, I enjoyed the redeem qualities Amelia had learn from her fall. I enjoyed how she tried to stay in her little box once she was there. I adore how Quentin came to her rescue once he realize she change for the better. So, if you like when a former hated person changes for the good, you might enjoy The Perks of Being a Beauty. Or if you loved the Ugly Duckling books you will enjoy this story.

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