Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ARC: Lady Anne's Lover by Maggie Robinson

All right everyone, I just finished the last book in The London List books. I must say that I that I enjoyed Lady Anne's Lover by Maggie Robinson. Now if you have read the first book in The London List books you would remember Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont. I mean her reputation is notorious. However, there is a reason for all her antics, which you got a glimpse of the reason in Lord Gray's List. So, sometime time in the book you see Lady Imaculata leaving London and heading to Wales. This is where Lady Anne's Lover picks up.

So, we know that Lady Imaculata has fled London and has gone in disguise as a housekeeper. Oh dear, that's just trouble waiting to happen. When she gets to Wales she meets new employer Major Gareth Ripton-Jones. When she meets him, he's not in the best of shape. Basically is wallowing in his self-pity and drink his life away. Every good housekeeper knows to ignore what the master does, since Lady Imaculata (now goes by Anne Mont) isn't a housekeeper she tells it how she sees it.

I actually enjoyed the story, because Gareth and Anne need each other. One really can't survive without the other. I love how they come to the realization that they need one another, even when tho they need to trust each other. I actually enjoy how Ms. Robinson always to add a little danger to her story. You would think it would be the obvious one, but it never is.

Overall an enjoyable story. Yes, you will find a bit intrigue and mystery on who is trying to hurt Lady Anne. Not only that, you also find strength in both Gareth and Anne even after all they have been through life. Plus, Ms. Robinson does know how to write some pretty sensual love scenes. So, if you have a thing for heroine's trying to escape from there past, you might enjoy Lady Anne's Lover.

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