Thursday, July 4, 2013

ARC: The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore

I seriously need to kick myself for taking so long to read The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore. I mean it's truly a great story full of emotion, and a great start to her new series House of Trent. So, let's dive into the story and my thoughts.

Sarah Osborne and Simon Hawkins, the Duke of Trent, have know each other for 16 years. Hey Sarah has become practically like family. However, news has rocked the House of Trent that could be detrimental to the whole family. Now Simon needs to find away to fix the situation before the scandal arises.

Let's just say that the whole book is filled with mystery and intrigue. Especially, with their mother gone missing and there's a great need to find her. After all, the Duchess of Trent holds all the answers to the mystery. Plus, we have blackmail going on, and it's a must have when we have puzzle that needs to be solve. 

Poor Simon, he needs to find a future duchess, so that it might help cover the scandal. However, he doesn't have a choice in the matter thanks to the Stanley's. By the way I really don't like them, and they don't make themselves likable people. 

The Hawkin family is truly a unique family in more ways than one. However, Simon feels duty bound to protect them even at the cost of his own happiness. Through most of book I had an anxious feeling waiting for Simon choose his happiness over duty. Oh the agony I went through.

I really love the special relationship Sarah and Simon had. Both knowing that need to keep their feelings as just friends, but you know that doesn't always workout. It was pure torture for me to watch these two keeping their feeling at bay and follow duty. 

Ms. Haymore brings a wonderful story. Plus, I love title and I think it's a perfect fit in more ways than one. I love how they are hunting for the Duchess of Trent and at the same time Simon is hunting for his future duchess. I truly can't wait to see other mysteries will pop-up with this series. So, if you are looking for a new series to start with a bit of mystery and intrigue, you might want read The Duchess Hunt

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