Wednesday, July 3, 2013

eARC: Tempted by Her Boss by Karen Erickson

All right, I would strongly encourage you all to read Temporary Arrangement first, because it gives the back story on how Paige and Matteo meet. Plus, it's free, so it's not going hurt to you any. Once that's done you can move on to Tempted by Her Boss. Plus, going back will help you understand the sexual tension between Paige and Matteo.

Ok, so I'm at a lost for words. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoyed the story. Yes, Paige did the ultimate no-no when it comes to being a nanny, and that is falling for the father of her charge. Something that should never happen. Yet, she's not the only one with these feelings. Matteo also has feelings for his nanny. Too bad two wrongs don't make a right, or could they? Yes, both have strong feelings for each other and they both know it's wrong. But how can you stop something that feels so right?

Paige is a sweet girl who happens to be fresh, innocent and has her whole life ahead her. Yet, she has falling hard for Matteo and his son Matty. While Matteo is older and a wee-bit jaded thanks to his decease wife. He still can't stop his feelings for someone he shouldn't want.

Seriously, the sexual tension between these characters is incredible. It's amazing to watch these two battle feelings and keep them at bay, yet unable to. Karen can write an incredible story full of emotion and tension. Truly impress with how the story came out. Overall, love the tension and build of all sorts of emotions. So, if you are looking for incredible characters who fight their attraction, you might want to checkout Tempted By Her Boss.

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  1. Love her books! And have the first one sitting in my Nook :) Cant wait to meet these two. Love when an author can really get the sexual tension to come through the pages :)