Saturday, July 30, 2016

Worked Up by Tessa Bailey (Review)

Okay, Tessa Bailey is like the go to girl for dirty talking heroes, but she has a secret she has a punny heroine. Oh yes, Samantha Waverly is punny. She can crack some cheesetastic jokes, and they are cheesetastic. You can find them all over Worked Up. If you have been keeping up with the series you would remember Duke Crawford has a house full of women, and to find a moments of piece is a little hard. However, he's willing to add another woman to the mix.

These two are completely adorable. You have Duke who is a mans-man. He's not the typical guy you would find in a romance novel, but normal. The cover guy should have a little more hair on him, oh well. Anyway, what he lacks in the beauty department he makes up in the caring. He definitely has a heart, and he has a soft spot for all those around him. However, I think that is a secret. Samantha is too cute with her bad jokes and wanting to please her step-brother. Deep down she wants someone to care for her.

Yes, Worked Up has some steamy scenes, but these two are cute. I never thought I would use cute in a review for a Tessa book, but there you go. I think it has to do with Samantha tries to be funny, and Duke is smitten by her. Overall, had a good time reading Worked Up, and yes I did get a choked up in the book. Those who are a fan of Tessa's work will find enjoyment in Worked Up.

Copy provided by Entangled via NetGalley
4 Stars

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