Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just Thinking: Let's Talk Swag

Back in April Romance Times had there big convention where Readers, Bloggers, and Writers get together and meet. I hear it's big ol' hoopla of fun. One day I will get there. Now this week is another big ol' hoopla for writers for RWA (Romance Writers of America). For those who are maybe want to or are a writer, it's a good time. At least that's what I hear. There is another chance for readers and bloggers to meet writers. Super fun, and I wish I could be there. With all these conventions comes swag. Yes, the thing we want to scream "YES, I WANT THAT!" After these shindigs comes the giveaways, and everyone wants a chance to win something from these conventions. The excitement.

Now my question would what is your personal favorite swag: 
There are so many choices out there. I mean there are the bookmarks. 

They are the easiest to one to collect and keep. Sometimes authors send these bad boys out when they have new book coming out. Plus, they are handy if you haven't gone to the dark side (digital). 

Next handy one is the postcards. 

Sometimes these have a free ebook attach or a sample of a read. Or do you like collecting these, because they are mini cover of the book. Super fun. Sometimes they even come with a blurb or a recipes. 

There are the sample books. 

Great for if you are not sure if you want to read the book, but then you have a few chapters that might wet your appetite. 

Magnates those things to decorate your fridge. 

It's a great way to show your love for romance books. I love seeing how creative an author can get with their magnates.

Cover Flats

What can I say about these things. I mean they are fun to collect. I hope to one day frame these put them up in my office area. 

One of my personal favorite to collect Trading Cards

I absolutely love collecting these. It makes me think of baseball cards that my brothers would collect except they are about the books I love. 

Miscellaneous Stuff

I mean we could breakdown each category of stuff, but then it would get extremely long. You can see there are coasters, bags, chapsticks, mugs, and so much more. 

We can all agree that getting swag is fun. I didn't mention books, because I didn't yank out my books from my case. They are just as fun. 

Here are my personal favorite swag: 

As you can see I have selected some of my favorite things I have gotten from these authors who have gone to these conventions or giveaways. 

Share with me your favorite swag you have gotten over the years? 

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