Friday, July 1, 2016

Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard (Review)

Finished Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard. If you have been following the series you would know remember Trever Stark, as being an ass. He's not the friendliest guy, but the ladies love him. However, there is a good reason why he's the ice man, and they actually don't stem from baseball even though he's keeps a cool head on the game. Yes, our good boy Trevor has secret past that he would like to keep out of the spotlight, and it explains a lot about his antics. Of course, he starts to melt when he encounters Paige Taylor. Now Paige knows how to wiggle into someone skin, because she's like a marshmallow, all soft and mushy. Being a marshmallow isn't a bad thing, because the world needs marshmallow people.

These two were fun together. I mean they try to avoid each for a few chapters of the book. I mean Paige is coming off a divorce and isn't too found of athletes, not only that her father has warn her away from Stark. Once Trevor realizes Paige is Crush's daughter, he tries to avoid her. However, that isn't the easiest thing to keep a moth from a flame. Saying that these to are hot for one another is an understatement.

Trevor is definitely an onion. However, I did like how Sadie described him as an iceberg, but you don't see what is underneath iceberg. He's actually a pretty amazing guy. Paige, what's not to love. As I said she's like a marshmallow. She has this ability to let people open up and unburden their burdens. I have to say, it makes Trevor a little jealous at times, even though Paige only has eyes for Trevor. Liked these two together. They seem to bring out the best out each other.

Overall, I liked Drive You Wild, because Paige and Trevor. Trevor makes this story, because you get to know him more than the ice man. The ending is a quick clean up of all the drama that happen in the story. I hope that Stark's sister gets with Jim Leiberman. Anyway, hope there is more A Love Between the Bases books. If you haven't read the previous books, you don't need to worry, but you will see how he was before Paige.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss.
4 Stars

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