Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Learning to Ride by Erin Knightley (Review)

A couple of days ago, I read Learning to Ride by Erin Knightley, which is part of James Patterson's new line Book Shots. Basically, this is line is a quick read that could be done in less than a day. The book is fairly short. So, you are looking for a fast read that you might consider looking to Book Shots. I would compare the Book Shots Flame line more along the lines of Harlequin Romance line. If you tend to like those you might give this try.

Now Learning to Ride is a super quick read about this big city girl going out in west for a job. She hooks up with town cowboy stud. Big city girl meets small town star. Madeline was an all right character. I could see why she was in culture shock when she went to this small town Texas, stands out like a sore thumb. There were somethings I didn't like about her character, like how she insinuated that Tanner had never been to a big city. Granted he's from a small town, but he was on the rodeo circuit and made a name for himself. He would have been to a big city. Minor issues.

If you are looking for something to fly through, Learning to Ride would be your kind of read. Madeline and Tanner are polar opposites, but they seem to suit each other. You won't find anything too heavy or are overburden, but sweet. Intimate situation are definitely behind closes doors, you won't see something more than kissing in public. Clean read. Saddle up with Learning to Ride if this sounds like your read.

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4 Stars

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