Saturday, July 9, 2016

Audiobook: Dreaming a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Review)

Road trips are great way to listen to books, but I would recommend listening to Dream a Little Dream on a road trip. Not that it was bad. No, it was a great story, but boy did it bring on the ugly cry. I mean the one where you will use anything that is soft to stop the tears. Fortunately, I happen to have a box of tissue in my car and I manage to keep the tears at bay, not very well.

At the beginning of Dream a Little Dream we meet Rachel Stone aka Widow Snopes. Now her dead husband did shady things, and she has to live with the consequences of his actions. Everyone believes she's this awful person, so she has to prove to everyone she's not the person they saw on TV. However, that is hard when no one is willing to give her a chance.

Anyway, the good people of Salvation, North Carolina are horrible people. At times I would be like scream you are hypocrites, because they talk about being followers of Christ and then they treated her like dirt. Fortunately there were a couple people that saw she wasn't the devil incarnated, like Gabe and Kristy.

Gabe has some serious issues. He has the hots for Rachel, but there is the issue of her child. It stems that he can never has his family again, so he doesn't want another family. This is a struggle for Rachel, because she's falling for Gabe; however, her priority is her son. Through most of the book, Gabe is thought to be a block of ice that slowly melts. I mean what Rachel goes through, she doesn't give up on life.

I do like the secondary love story between Ethan and Kristy. Kristy is so in love with Ethan, but all he can see is the big busty women. Bad preacher. LOL. So, when Kristy changes her appearance he lose it his s***, and he can't handle it. He has to face facts that he needs Kristy in life and she's absolutely perfect for him.

Wouldn't recommend this book for a long car ride cause the tears were streaming down the face. However, Susan Elizabeth Phillips does an amazing job with making me have the feelies for this story. Adore Rachel and her inner strength to conquer the past. She's truly a good person, even when no one believes her to be one. I also love how she exacts revenge on Cal and Ethan in the end. That was awesome. I like how Gabe comes to realize that he can love again after tragedy. Overall, a pretty darn good story. If you are in a need of a good cry, Dream a Little Dream is a go to read.

4 1/2 Stars

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