Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Virgin: A Novel by Radkika Sanghani

Well, I have mentioned Penguin's program First to Read, a few times. Some of the books, I have grabbed them and made sure I had a guarantee copy, and other times I received them on a whim. All right, I got a copy of Virgin: A Novel by Radhika Sanghani on a whim. I clicked on the book cause it sounded interesting. Plus, if I got it, great, and if I didn't, I was fine. As you can see I'm writing about the book, so I received a copy.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Virgin. Virgin is a story about a young woman, Ellie, who is lamenting that she's still virgin. Oh dear god, she's still virgin. At first. I was frustrated with Ellie. Seriously, what is wrong with being a virgin. I was a late bloomer and I survive. She didn't realize it was important to her until after the fact.

I struggle with her character, because she was so desperate to get rid of it that she was willing to give to any guy. I'm sorry, but that some pretty low self-esteem there. It wasn't until she made a new friend, Emma, who was like you need to embrace being a virgin and not be so hang up on being a virgin. I liked Emma a lot, because at times she was Ellie's sounding board.

Surprisingly, I did like the book. I wouldn't normally pick this book up. For one thing I love happy endings, and Virgin is more a coming of age kind of story. Yes, Ellie discovers herself, and of course she learns a valuable lesson by the end. By the end, Ellie learns more about herself from her bumps in the road and hopes her wisdoms helps others. The first part of the book is a bit rough, but once Ellie starts her vlog (virgin/vagina blog) it starts to get a bit funny. Overall, not a bad read and I'm surprise by my reaction. However, US readers need to be aware that there a lot of british terminology that they might not be familiar with. I know I got a few confused and it took a times before I realize what the author was trying to saying. So, if you are looking for a story with a young woman who is trying to figure a way to lose her virginity, you might want to give Virgin a try.

Copy provided by Penguin via First to Read Program

4 Stars

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