Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman

Last night I finished, Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman. I have to say that it was a cute read with a little more heat than normal Bliss books. However, not as steamy as a Brazen book. Anyway, I guess I should tell you why I liked this book.

First, I adore Sophie Birch. She's cute, adorable, and a bit of a nerd. Yes! Let's rock the nerdy girl heroines. So, she wouldn't be deem as hot. Now, Zane Hollander is a play-boy surfer who wants to clean up his act. Now his buddies think Sophie is the perfect solution to his image problems cause isn't his typical type. Plus, it helps that she will be around cause working on the film festival.

I love the fact that at the beginning of the book Sophie is understated. I mean she was a good-looking, but never saw herself that way. Plus, when you been teased your whole life for your looks you have self doubt that anyone is looking at you. So, he wore her nerd-girl self as a security blanket, but wanted to let go and create a new image. She was lucky to meet Honor to help her find a new image. Plus, it helped that Zane started to see how special she was. Bad-boy Zane who "wore his charm like a second skin", and knew his limitations that were ingrain by his lovely father (not really).  After all his father would say things like:
"You've got shit for brains, son. The only thing you're good at is surfing. Quit school. Take endorsement deal and go where they want you. The only thing that suits you is the water." 
Zane is actually more than that, but when you get stuff like that ingrain you start to believe.  I liked that both of them had insecurities, and they were able to help one another.

Overall, Keeping Mr. Right Now was a cute story. I liked that it had two people from different worlds come together. I also liked how you can kind of see who might be the next story. So, if you are looking for a light fun read with a little California sun, you might want to checkout Keeping Mr. Right Now.

Copy provided by author (I also purchased the book).

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