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The de Valery Code by Darcy Burke (Blog Tour + Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

About The de Valery Code:

Title: The de Valery Code by Darcy Burke
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Series: Regency Treasure Hunters, Book 1
ISBN: 9781939713247
Publisher: Darcy Burke
Publish Date: August 18, 2014

Miss Margery Derrington and her dear aunts are in dire straits. Their discovery of a rare medieval manuscript will hopefully stave off their creditors—if it’s worth what they hope. Margery reluctantly allies with a reclusive scholar to use the book to pursue a treasure that could exceed her expectations. Amidst danger, secrets, and an insatiable attraction, is Margery gambling just her financial future . . . or her heart?

Academic Rhys Bowen can’t believe he has his hands on the elusive de Valery text. Solving its hidden code and unearthing its legendary treasure would establish him as one of Britain’s leading antiquarians, finally casting him out of his brilliant late father’s shadow. But when a centuries-old organization convinces Rhys of the perils of disturbing the past, he must choose between his conscience…and the captivating woman he’s sworn to help.

My Thoughts:

Let me just say that The de Valery Code was an interesting read. At first I had a hard time getting into the story, but when I got half through the story I started to think it reminded me of another plot. Actually reminded me of the Da Vinci Code. However, I never read the book, but I vaguely remember the movie. Once I got that in my mindset, the story started to work for me. Here's why, you have two people who are trying to figure out an Arthurian Legend if the treasures could be real. Basically, Margery and Rhys go on this quest to see if King Arthur and legend was real. Along the way troubles finds them, and of course there's danger. To add the danger, you have these guys, Order of the Round Table, trying to keep the truth behind the legend a secret.

So, that's going in the story. Then you have the romance between Margery and Rhys, but I wouldn't call it a romance right away. You have two people that have no designs to marry, but they start to develop feelings for one another. At the same time, we have Margery fighting her feelings for Rhys. Normally it's the guy who does this, but at this time we find the heroine doing it. Occasionally, Margery kind of got on my nerves with her stubbornness. Seriously, she has a stubborn streak you wouldn't believe, which infuriates Rhys. Poor Rhys, he's just trying to do the right thing after all he's a gentleman. I liked that he recognize his feelings for Margery way before she realized what she was feeling.

Overall, The de Valery Code is an interesting read. It took me a little time to immerse into the story, but once I got a a feel of the story I didn't think it was too bad. I'm curious on how Darcy will continue on with the series. Does plan to keep at with the Arthurian Legend or go on with another secret treasure. I have to say that it has piqued my curiosity. I must say that I did like that this particular couple did have an end. So, if you like stories that have a treasure hunting adventure, you might consider reading The de Valery Code.  

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About Darcy:
Darcy Burke wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. Darcy writes hot, action-packed historical and sexy, emotional contemporary romance.

A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her devoted husband, their two great kids, and two Bengal cats. In her “spare” time Darcy is a serial volunteer enrolled in a 12-step program where one learns to say “no,” but she keeps having to start over. She’s also a fair-weather runner, and her happy places are Disneyland and Labor Day weekend at the Gorge. Visit Darcy online at

Excerpt Three:

“I can’t quite figure you out, Miss Derrington. You work as my partner and yet you try to deceive me.”
“You deceived me first.”
He inclined his head. “So I did. You also return my kisses and then act as though I’m anathema.”
She tried to ignore his use of the word kisses. “That’s a bit hyperbolic, isn’t it?”
He cracked a half-smile that did ridiculously lovely things to her insides. “It is. I’m poking fun. I like having fun in your company.” He leaned toward her and lowered his voice. “Admit it, you like me.”
Far too much. “Why wouldn’t I?”
His smile broadened, making him seem insufferably confident. “I can’t think of a reason.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “On second thought, there’s that vexing streak of arrogance.”
He lowered his voice even further, as if he were imparting a secret. “I actually think you like that too.”

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  1. Thank you for hosting Darcy!

  2. I love the King Arthur legend!

  3. Well, I'm really looking forward to reading this book. I can't imagine anything more exciting than combining romance, history and an archeological mystery adventure. Way to go, Darcy! I don't imagine it's easy combining all of those elements, but I'll bet you do it splendidly. :-) Thanks for the post.

  4. I'd love to read this book and the cover is quite unique and beautiful.

    Marcy Shuler