Friday, August 1, 2014

Undeniable by Shannon Richard

So, I finished Undeniable by Shannon Richard. This is the second book in the Country Roads books. I have to say I liked majority of the story, but at times it got a bit busy. So, let's proceed with my thoughts.

We have Grace King and she's been in love with Jaxson Anderson forever. She tries to get his attention, but every time she moves one step forward, Jax takes two steps back. This happens at the beginning of the book. Finally, Jax gets the wake up call that he wants Grace. So, they finally get to together. YAY! However, it can't be that simple. If it was it would be an extremely boring book.

Anyway, Jax is dealing with his self-loathing and believing he's no good for Grace. At the beginning you see a lot of that, but once Grace and him get together it dies down until one night. However, Jax isn't the only one who has troubles. Nope, Grace has her own troubles, and growing up in a small town doesn't always help. Grace has always wonder her father was and wonder why he didn't stick around. So, she was picked on for being a bastard. We also see that some members of town wonder if she's going to become like her mother. If that wasn't enough for the story, we also have robbers going on. So, we have Jax trying to figure out what's going on in little ol' Mirabelle.

Overall, not bad. I did like Undeniable, but I liked Undone more. I hope that the next book will be better. I did get some good chuckles out of the story. Grace is a sweet heart and she loves Jax so much that I think she tries to rescue him. Deep down Jax loves Grace. He does comes to her rescue, but he has a hard time letting go the negative words his dad shove down him. I look it at like this Grace and Jax get there happy ending and Jax does try to make up for the hurt he cause.

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3 1/2 Stars

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