Monday, July 15, 2013

eARC: Making It Last by Ruthie Knox

How many of you have wonder after reading a story, "Hmm, I wonder what happen to them?" Probably not to often, but it Ruthie Knox's newest novella we get to see what happens to Amber and Tony Mazzara. You might remember Tony as "the Italian Stallion" and Amber as "innocent Bambi-like" from How to Misbehave. Well, we get to see their story 14 years later in Making It Last.

In this story, we get a chance to see how romance can survive after being together for so long. Yes, I did said "for so long." Since most marriages are lucky to last more than five years these days. Anyways, Making It Last is beautiful writing. I mean you get a real sense of Amber and Tony trying to make what they have last. I love how Ms. Knox doesn't sugar-coat a happy ending, but the characters really have to work at making their ending happy just like real marriages. So, I'm excited to see a story that could possibly happen. Don't get me wrong, I love those sugar-coated happy endings, but it's nice to see characters trying to make their relationship last.

Here's the bottom line: If you have ever wonder what would happen when an author revisits past characters and gave them a little more depth to their stories, you might want to check out Making It Last. However, I would suggest reading Amber and Tony's start before jumping into the next chapter of their life if you haven't already.

Copy provide by Random House via NetGalley


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