Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Last Single Girl by Caitie Quinn

Last night I really wanted posted The Last Single Girl by Caitie Quinn, obviously that didn't happen. Here is the reason why I wanted it up last night: it's a book that centers around New Years Eve. Perfect book for the evening. Oh well. So, I bring it to you today.

Every girl dreads being the last girl. The last girl out of  her friends to have boyfriend, marriage or a child. Yes, I know it's silly, but it's so true. Anyways, we follow the adventure of Sarah Gable to finding a date for New Years Eve, since her friends decided to change plans when they all found boyfriends over Thanksgiving. I know doesn't give her enough time to find a guy, but she decides to go through the process of finding a guy through the wonderful world of online dating.

Along the way she has brought us some Dating Truths which are:

1. Just when you've comfortably established a group of single girlfriend, disasters strikes. (Yes, this does happen. Horrible thing when it happens).

2. No man will ever understand and love you like your best friend does (another fact that is true).

3. My mama always told me, dating was like a box of Crayons. Wait. What? (I know my mother never said anything like this, someone must have after all it's in the book).

4. There's always another another fish in the sea... it's just that we keep dumping toxic waste in the water so who knows what you'll catch next (I have never thought of it like that, but that's kind of funny).

5. The best way to put a bad date behind you is doing something you love... unless the something you love is just more dating. Don't do that.

6. When you can't get any lower, there's always a smug girl with a boyfriend there to knock the emotional step out from under you (she's always there no matter what).

7. Wine. Lots of wine (I think more like whatever your vice is, personally Ben & Jerry works too).

8. When faced with the man of your dreams, the only thing to do is play it cool. Or at least play dumb (playing dumb works better, because it never works playing cool).

9. I am woman, hear me roar. That's right, do not tick me off.

10. Not every Happily Ever After looks the same.

These Dating Truths are hilarious, some of them can apply to real life situations. Sarah applied these truths as she went on her five online potentials which were:

Downtown Doc- Trey
Rock guy- Adam
Suit & Tie Plus-Malcolm
Funny Guy looking for Fun Girl for casual dating- Hank
Love again- Dave

We can't forget John who happens to be the owner of Brew Ha Ha where these dates happen.

Oh my gosh, what a disaster of a good time. I was cracking up throughout the whole story. I mean the dates were horrible, whicmakes you wonder if online dating is even worth it. I know it works for others, but as your read Sarah's adventure you see it doesn't work for her.

I would honestly say I loved this story. It had me laughing throughout the adventure and was worth the read. I love as I got to the end Sarah had a Clueless moment (yes, that is a movie reference). So, if you are looking for some light quick reading you might want to checkout The Last Single Girl, it was a lot of fun to read. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful New Years Day!

5 Stars 
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