Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wallflower by Catherine Gayle

Sometime last year I bought this book. I loved the book when I read it and I was excited that there were more to come. So, I went the authors website to find out when the next book was going to come out. No sign of when it was coming, except for soon. Ugh. (I'm not a very patient person.)

Well, last week Catherine Gayle just published book 2 of the Old Maids' Club. I have been so excited to get my hands on it. Then I went "hold up" to myself. I couldn't remember the first book. Oh no. I felt so horrible. A book I loved and I couldn't remember why I loved it. (Hanging my my head in shame.) Before I could start book 2 I must go and re-read the first one.

Its my normal practice to re-read books when the next book comes out, unless there is more than 10 or they were release pretty close together. So, I started re-reading Wallflower, then I notice things start to come back to my memory.

At the start of the book you meet the adolescent girls of Tabitha, Josephine, and Bethanne. However, the first book focuses on Tabitha. She would be the middle cousin in this trio. She has grown up with the stigma that she would never find love because they would only want her dowry and she is a little plump. There is nothing wrong with having a little extra padding. Except when growing up in an era where being tall and willowy was the thing to be. However, Noah deLancie, the Marquess of Devonport starts paying a little attention to her, and she can't understand that one. He loves a curvy girl. So, watch Noah almost botch things up with Tabitha.

A great read. Who doesn't love a compromising situation and a duel?

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