Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Seduce a Scoundrel By Vicky Dreiling

The next installment of Vicky Dreiling's How to Series, How to Seduce a Scoundrel. We all know that a scoundrel has codes that they must live by, especially the one says you don't go after best friend's sister. Now a days we would call it the "Bro-code", don't date my sister and we won't have a problem. Funny how the best friend in the story never follows the "Bro-code".

So, in the first book we meet Tristan's little sister Lady Julianne Gatewick. She's in the background of How to Marry a Duke, which is perfectly fine, because that's not her story. In the first book we are also intruduce to his best friend Marcus Darcett, the Earl of Hawkfield. Now we jump forward to the next year Tessa, Tristan's wife is pregnant and is in confinement therefore can't be left behind. So, Tristan entrust his sister care to his best friend, who better to protect his sister than his best friend, right?

Julianne is excited to be in the care of her true love. Her hopes and dreams are about to come true until she hears the words utter from Hawks mouth "she's practically a sister." Everything comes crashing down in her poor little world. Don't you hate that. The course is set that she is going to seduce the scoundrel that broke her heart.

The battle lines are drawn. However, there is one problem Hawk has no clue that the lines are drawn. The battle of wits begin. Who will win? What will win? Does true love conquer all?

I love this book. The book is quite hilarious, especially with a very outspoken Aunt. So continue the saga that started with How to Marry a Duke and move on to How to Seduce a Scoundrel. Who knows you might learn a thing or two?

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