Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Heir of Deception by Beverly Kendall

The past couple of days have been jam packed, while I have been trying to migrate north to Montana. During this time I had taken the task of reading An Heir of Deception by Beverly Kendall. I started reading it late on Thursday night and couldn't put it down. However, I knew that I must for we were traveling 10 hours north the next day. Got onto Montana Friday night and got half way through the book. Saturday I was determine to finish reading.

Starting with the prologue, we basically see Alex Cartwright left at the altar. His life fell apart right there. We jump five years into the future with Charlotte Rutherford coming back from the Americas believing her twin sister is on deaths door. To her astonishment Catherine was not. While visiting her sister Alex finds out Charlotte has return and not alone. Angry and hurt Alex basically forces Charlotte into a fake marriage to gain access to his son. Yes, rocky roads ahead. Will there fake marriage become a real one or stay as it is for the sake of their son? Can Charlotte gain the trust she lost from Alex or is all hopeless?

I read the book and found out the answers and Loved it. I was absolutely amazed I couldn't put it down. It was an emotionally moving story worth the wait, so take a chance on An Heir of Deception.

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