Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ravished By the Rake by Louise Allen

Ok, let me start off that it has been a crazy month and I just need a quick read to get through this time. I have to say that Harliquien novels are for that. I saw that Louise Allen came out with a new series. It's not really new since it has been publish in England before here. Who cares, right?

I guess I should get to the nitty gritty of this book and not focus on when it was originally published.

Allen's current series is called Danger and Desire. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? There is a lot a danger in this series that is for sure.

The stories starts us off in India. Where we meet most of the important characters in the series. Which you have Lord Alistar Lyndon, Lady Perdita Brooke, Miss Averil Heydon, and the twin brothers Daniel and Callum Chatterton. However, being in India by itself is dangerous, but is not where the danger lies. The danger lies somewhere off the coast of England. For the most part there journey is hunky dory until they are just a couple hours away from England when a might tempest comes and destroy there vessel. The following people's course is alter forever.

The first book focuses on Alistar and Dita. They have know each other year, since childhood to be exact. There past comes creeping back after the storm and truths come out. However, each is unwilling to except what the other wants or offers. One wants the happily ever after, while the other just wants to live life of convience. Why bother with love when it's a farce?

The question that lies is can Alistar melt his heart of stone that he has forge for eight years to give Dita the happily ever after she's looking for? Or will he let his inner cynic win?

A great read for the danger that starts on the high seas. So go and enjoy Ravished By the Rake. I plan to continue reading to see what happens to the others.

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