Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Married to a Stranger by Louise Allen

This is the third installment of Danger and Desire series. This where we learn about what happen to Callum Chatterton. In the first book, we learn that Daniel drown in the sea. So, we have Callum dealing with the aftermath of the wreckage. We would know that Callum was suffer from PTSD, however, back then it wouldn't diagnois and they would get over it.

Well, Callum has decide to do his duty and take care of his brother's bethrothed. What better way to do that than to marry her? Sophia Langley has been engaged to Daniel Chatterton 10years. By the way, is a long time to wait for a guy. I don't know if I would do that. Hey, if she hadn't, then we wouldn't have a story here. One problem she fell out of love with Daniel sometime ago. I guess that's a good thing that he had not come back, I guess.

However, Callum doesn't know this, but he pursues her. She final accepts his proposal. However, laden with the guilt that she didn't love his brother final tells him the truth after they were married. Eek! Rotten luck, right, not so fast, surprisingly it works. However,they have to work out trust issues after all it is a marriage of convience. Does it turn into love or is just as it is a marriage of connivence?

I love the third book. Who doesn't love having a marriage of convience, coping with the death of a brother, and secrets that could destroy them all? So, go on and finish the series by reading Married to a Stranger.

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