Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes by Sara Ramsey

It's always fun finding new authors that capture an audience, and you find this with Sara Ramsey. Her series The Muses of Mayfair is highly entertaining. Granted I have started with the second book, I foresee this series being fun read. With that said let me share with you all why I like this book.

We start off with Lady Amelia Stauton at a house party with her friend Miss Prudence Ecthingham who was invited to possibly become the next Lady Carnach. Malcolm McCabe, the Eral of Carnach is looking for a meek quite bride, which Prue would fit. However, other parts of him lead him to Amelia. The match between him and Prue don't come fruition due to a compromising situation in the library with him and Amelia. How else would you have? So, the starts to unfold from there.

You have two strong personalities dueling to have control over one or the other. So, come and read Scotsmen Prefer Blondes and see if they come to an agreement or about ready to kill each. With strong personalities who knows what happens? I personally I like characters with some spunk and they both have that.

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