Monday, June 22, 2015

The Perfect Bargain by Jessa McAdams (Review)

Last week I was able to read The Perfect Bargain by Jessa McAdams. I personally thought it was cute story about a girl who was trying to escape her meddling friends from fixing her up with more bad dates while she recover from a broken heart. However, they couldn't let it go so they decided to follow her to Scotland. To preempt their strike she was going to have a fake boyfriend and breakup with them before they got there, but change of plans they decided to come early. Now she needs to find a fine specimen to pretend to be her boyfriend, but she's in the small town where the only guy that is even is decent is pub owner. What sane person would want to go along with this harebrained scheme? Basically, we have the bases of our romantic comedy in The Perfect Bargain. Let's meet our girl.

Sloane Chatfield. Oh boy, where do you begin with her. All right Sloane is nursing a broken heart in search of a "Jamie Fraser" of her own. The best place to do this is Scotland. So, she heads off to Scotland regroup and get away from her meddling friends. However, they decided to invite themselves along. You can't tell the meddling type to stay out of your life, because they can't. She finds herself in a pickle trying to find a pretend guy to show her friends she's doing all right. In the small village there is one guy, but he thinks she's like a loon. A pretty loon, but still a loon. Now we meet Galen Buchanan. He's the pub owner, and he's a bit financial strapped so he's willing to play along with Sloane.

In some aspects it's kind of like The Wedding Date where the Debra Messing pays a guy to go with her to the wedding, at least Galen isn't a male prostitute. He kind of is, but doesn't do professionally. Anyway, this story is cute. We have this chemistry between Sloane and Galen, but they kind of want to ignore it or believe it isn't there. Before Sloane's friends arrive they get to know each other, but every time they draw close to one another one person says something making sure the other party remembers it's a paying situation. It's like two steps forward, one step back. I actually love them together, because Galen helps Sloane loosen up. Seriously, the girl was wound up tight.

Overall, the story was cute. It's romantic comedy worthy. The Perfect Bargain has all the elements that make a romantic comedy fun. I look forward to How to Marry Highlander Stories will popup. So, if you are looking something light and fun, why not give The Perfect Bargain a try.

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4 Stars


  1. oh goody!! Glad you enjoyed this one, I haven't read it yet, but I do want to and I have been curious to see how she would do with this genre.

  2. She does already has a few contemporary out already. It's a cute read. If you like romantic comedy movies you will probably like this story,