Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dirty Beautiful Rich (Part 5) by Eva Devon (Review)

We have finally come to the finally of the Dirty Beautiful Rich (Part 5). Yes, we finally find out if Damien pulls his head out of his ass. At the end of Part 4, we see Julie going back in the bar with another guy while she leaves Damien outside. WHAT! Yes, she ditches Damien. So, we are left hanging and that's why I said what I said at the beginning. Which it was ballsy of Julie to do what she did. Don't worry people, she doesn't do anything stupid with Fion. Damn the man is such a good guy. Seriously, Fion is an awesome guy. Don't fret no love triangles popping up, Fion just is a great sounding board for Julie. I would love a story for Fion, but I don't know how you get him a story. Okay moving on.

Julie and Damien have a lot of issues to overcome. I like that Julie has all these people there trying to protect her. She has Stella, Kat, Margaret (Damien's grandmother), and Alanna (Damien's mother). I even surprise to say that Alanna was even championing for Julie, because in the previous stories she came off as a bitch. She's still kind of is, but she's working on it. One of the biggest change is Julie and her growth during the serial. When we first met her she was timid, shy, and blended in, and now she's no longer hiding. Damien had some growth and slowly learned to overcome his grief.

Dirty Beautiful Rich has been a beautiful story of overcoming adversity and trials. I enjoyed that both Julie and Damien were able to look past each other flaws, but I would bet Damien would say that Julie didn't have any flaws. The ending was quick, but tidy. Overall, this is something that should be read all at once. It's sad to see this all end.

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Rating 4 1/2 Stars

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