Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Easy Target by Kay Thomas (Review)

I have been finding myself enjoying this series. When we last left off in Personal Target Sassy Smith was kidnapped, and Bryan decided to go after her and save her. In essence this is where we pick up in Easy Target. Oh boy. This was pretty good.

Okay, I never understood why Sassy always got underneath Bryan's skin, but it was finally made clear in Easy Target. I always thought he just didn't like reporters, nope it's a bit more complicated than that. As we know Sassy has been working on clearing her brother's name, and Bryan just wanted to make sure she stayed safe. After all he was best friend to her brother.

Yes! We have a best friend after sister romance. However, Bryan doesn't want to have feeling for Sassy, because of being best friend with her brother. What do we? We run away from out feelings. Yet, he gets himself in the mix of things and feelings run high.

Other than the whole romance thing, we still have a problem that needs to be solve and the danger level is kicked up a bit. Bad guys lurking around every corner. Easy Target is a pretty good read and I was surprise by the ending (meaning the epilogue). I don't know if there is going to be another story. I do hope there is for Sassy's brother. Anyway, this is a fast pace action book book with best friend is in love with sister romance. I know I'm glossing over a lot, but there is a lot that might be given away to the story. I know I have been know to get so excited to give too much away. Pretty darn good story.

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